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2008 International DX Convention,

Visalia, CA


Jay W6JAY riding the Bull at Bad Bubba's BBQ in Visalia, CA

7/24/08 before the start on the International DX Convention.

40 seconds on the Bull and the

Newest BUBBA.



Bubba's BBQ just starting. There were over 140 hams here.

At the start you see Carl, WU6D talking to Jay, W6JAY.

Waving is Harry, W6YOO.

At the end you can see Bubba Bob, W6ZPL.

Riding the Bull at Bubba's BBQ


Go Tom N6OT.



Go Tom N6OT ride that Bull.

Dino K6RIX riding the Bull.


Dino K6RIX ridding with NO HANDS.

SteppIR's New Beam

The Dream Beam 36.

80 through 6 meters.

36 foot boom.

The truss for the boom is the 80 meter dipole feed from the end element.

Are You Smarter Than a DX'er.

4 video clips on Youtube

Jay, W6JAY (on the left), John, K6AM, and a 14 year old kid (name and call later) Utah.

05/18/2008 06:12 PM