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Here are some pictures taken at the June 7th, 2003 Scout-A-Rama in Hartwell Park in Long Beach, California.

Here is the T-Hunting booth, John WB2LRH (white shirt), Joe K0OV (Red shirt) and April WA6OPS (red, white & blue jacket) at the HDSCS booth.

Art W6XD showing the ARRL video, notice the little girl one the right.

Joe K0OV (red shirt) and Tom (WB2LRH (white shirt) showing a young scout who the ARDF equipment works.

Art W6XD teaching the young kid on how to send there names in code. 100 certificates were given out that day.

Jay W6JAY teaching a young scout to send his name in code.

There's that little girl again with Jay W6JAY teaching her how to t-hunt.

Here's Marvin KE6HTS showing that same little girl on how to use the equipment. She was one of the first to complete all of the Amateur Radio events of Visiting a Amateur Station, Talking on a Amateur Station (to the Queen Mary W6RO), sending emergency communication (HDSCS), sending there name in code, and learning radio direction finding.

Marvin KE6HTS teaching a scout how the FDR antenna works, and there's that little girl again.

The HDSCS booth ready for action.